"New Emirates Identity Card ; No change in fees" - ICA.

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Create Date: 09/08/2021
Abu Dhabi : As per the reports from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, which came out on Saturday, the fees for getting a new Emirates Identity Card will remain unchanged.

The second generation Identity cards were launched as a part of issuing new Emirati passports and the National Identity Card Programme. New cards will be issued for people who have applied for new cards on the completion of expiry date of old cards or loss or damage of their old cards.

ICA acting director general Major General Suhaid Sayeed Al Khaili said that those who posses old cards and the expiry date has not yet completed shall use them till completion. "New cards will also have facilities to get the population details at ease" - he added.

Enhanced protection of invisible data(e link system reading facility), Improvisation in technical and technological features(increased chip capacity and non touch data reading facility), Polycarbonate cards with longer duration, exceeding 10 years and laser printed 3D photo and date of birth, with additional columns providing the professional data, issuing authority and population group are the major features of the new card.