Taxis in Dubai to become eco-friendly by 2027.

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Create Date: 17/08/2021
Dubai : "By 2027, 100 % of the taxis running in Dubai will become eco friendly"- informed RTA.

In the year 2020, almost 50 percentage of the taxis had shifted to electric or hybrid fuels. General Mathar Muhammad Al Tayar informed that almost 4683 taxis have been modified in this manner. 170 among these are limosines.

As a part of Dubai energy strategy 2030 and the UAE vision 2021, more number of green vehicles will run in Dubai. An aim of this project is also to develop completely environmental friendly taxis, so as to reduce the carbon emissions from them. At present an action plan for six years has been formulated by RTA. By 2025 the number of vehicles will rise to 80% and by 2027, it will hit a century. Electric hybrid vehicles were also first experimented by RTA for this cause, which was a grand success following which more vehicles were converted to this manner. As a result of this 34 percentage of fuel efficiency was obtained, as well as the carbon emission was also reduced by 34%. 
Hydrogen powered vehicles are also in the plans of RTA to be implemented.