ICA warns against fake E-mails ; Fear of Covid is also used for fraud.

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Create Date: 27/08/2021
Dubai : Federal Authority of Identification and  Citizenship warns the consumers, not to reply fake E-mails. They informed on twitter handle that it must be ensured that the mail is from ICA itself. The official e-mails will have the domain -

The cases of fraudulent emails in the name of ICA has been reported in large numbers. The fear of the pandemic is also made use of by such people. First Abu Dhabi bank also warned the consumers about the fraud. It is under these circumstances that ICA issued the new orders. The former have also explained about seven different types of frauds to their consumers.

Cost for vaccine registration, transactions in the name of selling medical supplies, giving links to unauthorised websites and looting money and bank details, fake delivery options etc. are some of the modes. Due to this, all consumers are asked to ensure the credibility of the message or phonecall that they get.