Timely Interventions of Mr. Tameem Aboobakar ; Fashion Designer finally get a chance to travel back to homeland.

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Create Date: 01/09/2021

Dubai : There are several women who reach the expatriate world, in many ways, like an employment, marriage or other means. All they long for is a better living. But often, we hear cases of people who are cruelly cheated, and left alone in their problems. Sometimes they are even denied of a chance to go back to their native place. 

One such case reported recently was of a fashion designer, who came to Dubai after her marriage. She was employed, with a salary of AED20,000. Her husband, who was then with her, took a loan of AED4,00,000, using her credentials. Eventually, he left her and a little baby, leaving no traces. She could not repay the loans, and also lost her job. With a toddler in hand, she searched for a new job, but couldn't find one. At last when she decided to go back to her homeland, the bank had filed a case on her, for not repaying the loan. She was completely left alone in such circumstances.

It was then that she met Mr. Tameem Aboobakar, CEO of Emirates Professional Business Services, who became the ray of hope in her life of darkness. He intervened through the proper channels in the issue, and cleared her cases with the bank, as well as the immigration issues. She has finally got a chance to travel back with her baby. "A lot of similar cases have been reported day by day. We have been providing enough assistance to whoever comes to us, and are in need. Dubai Government has also provided us with great support, so as to facilitate the legal proceedings. We are extremely happy that the issue is resolved and she can finally go back. Since similar cases, are on a rise expatriates, especially women who have reached here to build a better life must be really careful." - Said Mr. Tameem Aboobakar.