UAE occupies 30000 Afghan Citizens.

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Create Date: 01/09/2021
Dubai : UAE have provided shelter to almost 39,827 people, including 30000 Afghan citizens. These people were brought to UAE using the Army carriers as well as Aircrafts, as per the instructions given by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Naihan, Abu Dhabi's crown prince and commander of UAE Armed Forces. More importance was given to women and children. "UAE has stood and will stand with Afghan in this time of peril." - said Anwar Garghash, ex minister for international affairs. 

Majority of the people are accomodated in Abu Dhabi Humanitarian City. Those who require medical help are provided with the same, and Covid 19 patients are taken to safe quarantine. UAE has offered the Afghan citizens to stay in UAE for longer.

Almost 8500 US and UK citizens from Afghanistan were also brought to UAE. They will be send back at the earliest.  Among which 30% are women, 30 % are men and rest are children. Medical emergency of them is also taken care of.