Special "Passports" for Expo Visitors.

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Create Date: 13/09/2021
Dubai : The people who visits the Expo 2020 will get a special "passport" from the organizers. They have introduced a booklet of 50 pages in the manner of the passport. The visitors can get seals from each pavilion that they visit in the "passport", which may motivate them to visit more pavilions.

This can function as a souvenir from the Expo. The booklet which cost 28 Dirhams is available in all the stores around the Expo venue. It is also available in the Expo store of the third terminal of Dubai airport as well as online. This facility was started from the 1967 world Expo. One can easily remember or find out which all pavilions or stalls they visited during the Expo.

The booklet comes out with an attractive yellow cover page as well as other protective measures. It contains a unique number passport size photograph, as well as other personal details. It also commemorate the national father of UAE on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the nation. People who are visiting the Expo on 2nd December, the National Day of UAE will have a special stamp afixed on this booklet.