Rainforests to beautify the Malaysian Pavilion.

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Create Date: 29/09/2021

Dubai : The Malaysian Pavilion was one of the first to finish construction at the Dubai Expo City. Not only the natural beauty but rainforests also add to the beauty of the pavilion. It is the first non Carbon Pavilion in the Expo.
Almost all the materials used for the construction of the pavilion are reusable. It extends almost 1284 square meters, and focusses on the contribution of agricultural sector to the development of Malaysia. The major theme of the pavilion itself is sustainable development. A group of Malaysian visitors were allowed inside the pavilion last day. One can easily experience a waterfall visit inside this Pavilion as numerous small simulations of waterfalls are built here. The pillars which are almost 15 m high will move in the wind. During the night time numerous LEDs will brighten the pavilion. 
The main specialty of the Malaysian Pavilion is water. The entry pathway itself is in the form of a small stream. Fountains are arranged on different parts of the pavilion. There are numerous hanging bridges and the carbon emission is comparatively very low. One can enjoy the lush green beauty of nature and more about in the greenery of rain forests. They aim at showcasing the importance of protecting forest and natural resources. The roof of the pavilion is completely solarized. There are 40 solar pavilions overall, and the water used is set up in such a way that it too can be reused. 22 ministries, 40 agencies , 5 state governments and 200 business representatives from Malaysia will grace the pavilion. Almost 26 programs will be organized by the people of Malaysia each day. The authorities expect that the successful performance in the Expo will also enable to foster the business ties between UAE and Malaysia.