Prafulla SubhashChandra Bhatt receives Golden Visa.

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Create Date: 06/10/2021
Dubai : PSB General Trading LLC founder promoter Mr. Prafulla SubashChandra Bhatt receives UAE's golden visa. The company has its headquarters in Dubai, and is directed by a team of veterans who are focused on catering the needs of diverse kinds of customers, at Overseas markets including UAE, Africa, India and Singapore. They are established as exporters, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, traders, retailers & importers of industrial metal products, Textiles, electronic goods, Paper board, printing and ink industrial products, pharmaceutical products, Chemical and petrochemical products, fertilizers and PVC resins. The company has proved itself to be a most trusted catalyst in the growth of the corporate world by providing their best services with a client focussed approach. Their expertise lies in the strategic global networking, in collaboration with the local expertise. They have created a global platform of trade opportunities by associating with numerous partners. The Global Visa, to their founder is an honour to their valuable contributions.