New Resident Visa for retired Expatriates to continue in UAE.

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Create Date: 11/11/2021
Dubai : UAE Government has introduced a new resident visa for retired e who wish to continue their stay in the country.  The new announcement was made by UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhthum, after the Ministers' meeting. He also added that the terms and conditions of the visa has been approved by all, and more people are invited to UAE. The meeting was held at the UAE pavilion in the Expo 2020. The details regarding the new visa scheme is not yet announced. A retirement visa for the same category was announced in 2019, for 5 years duration. People with assets worth 20 lakhs dirhams, savings of 10 lakhs dirhams, a permanent income of  20000 dirhams and also above the age of 55 were eligible to get the same according to that. The new visa is expected to be a boon for the retired expatriates. Due to this they can continue in UAE even after retirement, even in conditions where they do not have any sponsorship. Several other new visas were announced as a part of the golden jubilee celebrations of UAE nation. The Green visa, Golden visa etc. are a part of that.

Athira Sreekumar