Expat World Comemmorated Nazar Nandhi.

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Create Date: 30/12/2021
Dubai : Nazar Nandhi is a name written in Golden letters in the minds of expatriates all over UAE. On the 2nd anniversary of his demise, a gathering, titled "Ormakalil Oli Mangaathe Nandhi ikka" was conducted, under the auspices of his near and dear,  in the Business lounge of Emirates classic Business Center, at Al Tawar Center, Dubai, where all those who gathered had some loving memories of Nazar Nandhi. 

 In the meeting inaugurated by Mr. Ibrahim Elettil, Mr. Tamim Abubakar, Chairman of Emirates Classic Business Center presided over. "People like Nazar Nandhi must remain in the minds of the people always and not on anniversaries. People who loved him must come forward to facilitate the same." - said Mr. Y.A. Rahim, President; Sharjah Indian Assosiation, in his memoir speech. 
Volunteers from various organisations including, Nadeer Kappad, Naseer Vadanappilly(social worker), Salam Pappinissery, Mr. Manaf, (executive committee member; Sharjah Indian Assosiation), B.A. Nazar, Hydrose Thangal, Yazar Hameed, Muneer, Jacky Rehman, Hassan Chalil, Shabeer Keezhoor, Sajid Valliyath, Muneer, Shanid Jaleel Mashoor, Nazar, Fathih.C., Basheer Kochi, Buraid, Media Personnel including K.M. Abbas, Jaleel Pattambi, Jamal M. and  C. A. Nazar, shared their memories with Nandhi Nazar.

As per a suggestion came up in the meeting , "Nandhi Nazar Welfare Association" was formulated, with Y.A. Rahim as president, Ibrahim Elettil as General Secretary and Tamim Abubakar as Treasurer. Moidheen Kurumath welcomed the gathering and Faizal Kannoth delivered the Vote of Thanks.

Athira Sreekumar