Aftereffects of "ACCURATE" diagnosis.

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Create Date: 31/12/2021
Dubai:-"Accurate sample collection", "Accurate test results" and so goes the taglines of a famous laboratory in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Indirectly, they claim to provide the most precise diagnosis. Relying on such an esteemed agency to safeguard the journey of Expatriates cannot be questioned too. But when a blind trust is put upon, it's necessary to cross check with the claims of the second party. 
Ishaq Valiya Purakkal, an accountant in Dubai has a story to say, which showcases the end results of this faith. He had to reach Kerala for some personal reasons and had to fly back by the end of December. Abiding by the laws, he underwent an RT PCR test in a private laboratory, following which he got a negative result. But when he entered the travel procedure, he had to get another PCR test done in the above mentioned laboratory, and was levied a good sum of amount for the same. The new result, got within a few hours of the first test, showed positive results. He was banned from travelling, and had to bear a huge loss, including the ticket charges. Few days later, he was tested negative in another laboratory, and then within hours of that, got himself tested positive from this lab. Results from one particular laboratory always showed to be positive. Ishaq is still stranded in his homeland, without being allowed to travel and continue his job, also bearing loss of a large amount of money, as well as bearing the trauma. 

Renowned Expatriate Social Worker, Ashraf Thamarassery also has a similar experience to narrate. He  got a positive RT PCR test report at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. When he enquired about being negative the previous day, authorities behaved arrogantly and claimed that their machines and checking system were perfect and he was putting up a false claim. Since he could not wait to fly back to Dubai, he reached Cochin International Airport and surprisingly, the result he got at Cochin was negative, that too within 7 hours. 

Like Mr. Ishaq and Mr. Ashraf, a lot of expats travel through these airports, upholding the protocols that Indian Medical Assosiation and health ministry have declared. When people take proper care to curb the pandemic, what guarantee that the government has got to provide for their health? Expatriates had to struggle a lot for lessening the charges of PCR test, which was increased during the pandemic period. Even after owing to that, people with an urgency to travel have to pay more amount.  A vast majority of these people toil day and night to get a better living in foregin countries. Keeping a lion's share of their income just for these tests to be done, is a herculean task for them, and now they are brutally cheated there. 
No medical experts have come up with an explanation for such short notice shuttling between being postive and negative for corona virus. In that case, one must regard this as a "medical miracle", unless a proper enquiry is made on this matter. Above all, the arrogance and pomposity showcased by the officials in such centers must also be questioned, as it was nothing but futile efforts to hide their mistakes.

Expatriate world is demanding an explanation from the related authorities regarding this. It is really pathetic, as the people who contribute greatly to the National Income doesn't have a proper set up to get their health check ups done properly. As WHO and related bodies are predicting a reincarnation of coronavirus in the form of omicron variant, it is essential to have a reality check whether this is just a fabricated horror tale, created by those who aim at benefits of different forms. If not, it will be satirical to say that we had once provided a model to the world on dealing with the pandemic. 

Athira Sreekumar