Parents of Employees to be send for Hajj Pilgrimage ; An act of Nobility from R. Harikumar.

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Create Date: 15/01/2022
Dubai : Mr. R. Harikumar and his firm, Elite Group of Companies have always given their employees a "family" type atmosphere. Now they are moving one step ahead, and have decided to send the parents of certain employees to Hajj Pilgrimage. Preparations to bring some parents to UAE, once the commotion of the pandemic is to be over, has also started. More than 2000 employees work under Mr. Harikumar, a native of Alappuzha, in the 12 outlets of Elite Group. Parents will be brought to UAE for a duration of one week. Being a veteran entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. Harikumar have always kept his employees close knit to each other. He had provided chartered flight and other facilities for expats to fly back to Kerala, during the onset of the disease, and had converted his own Tourist home converted to a domiciliary care center for COVID 19. 

Mr. Harikumar himself was one of the people who volunteered the movement of expats to Kerala, immediately after the airports where open. He had also provided with the needs of his workers when the lock down was extended. 

Athira Sreekumar