In the Name of ALMIGHTY, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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Create Date: 03/02/2022

The recent decision of Indian govt to legalize crypto currency and block chain technologies set to uplift
India and rest of the world through bringing trillions of dollars to the world economy .Being the software
capital of the world, India set to lead the world in Block chain crypto and all other 4th Industrial
Revolution Technologies. Big salute to the dynamic and visionary prime minister of India Hon Shri
Narendra Modiji, the man of technologies and inventions
European Digital University [USA] and European Block chain center (UAE] formed to develop a block
chain world free from corruption and fraud through bringing safety security transparency efficiency
accountability and sustainability set to put the entire humanity of 8 billion people in block chain
Starting from outstanding Universal Citizens based on the principle that "We are not a drop in this
Universe, but the entire universe in a drop *. Needless to say, block chain set to empower and unite
entire humanity for long time to come.
It's our pleasure to declare that ERIUM CRYPTO EXCHANGE & SHUBH AUSPICIOUS COIN Created by
Prominent American Technocrat and entrepreneur with many NASDAQ organizations in his credit has
Been selected as one of the universal icons along with his partner Dr Vinay Kumar Reddy [ A prominent
medical doctor from India .
Set to bring together a million outstanding universal citizens from around the world [Being Human
Be Universal, because the whole universe belong to us] by 2022. The first printed edition of Universal
Icons will be released during March in expo2020 [Dubai)
Block chain means collective brains, because two brains always better than One. It can also bring
financial freedom to the entire humanity for long time to come.
Prof Sidhic A Muhammed
European Digital University [USA]
European Block chain Center [UAE)