"Dhanu" to revolutionize digital transactions.

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Create Date: 09/03/2022
Dubai : With the growing popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency around the world Leading business group launches new cryptocurrency Dhanu and Digital Exchange Dhanu X, linked to Blockchain technology in Dubai, meeting local legal requirements. The master brains behind the same, Mr. Brijesh Sharma and Mr. Sachin Kumar claims that Dhanu X and its tokens have received a very good response in the UAE. Money transactions now show more tendency to become corrupt, and hence  the usage of  digital currency is becoming more common. Governments and the business community of Pakistan, India and other Asian countries have to adopt blockchain technology, and Dhanu is the first currency that you can easily exchange in rupees.

The digital currency launch mega event was attended by people associated with digital currency and a large number of business personalities.Speaking on the occasion, other speakers, including the founders of the new cryptocurrency, said that the requirements of modern times have to be adopted for development. Digital currency is the need of time. The world is shifting towards digital currency.  Big countries are now digitalizing their banking systems. It is already high time that we must step on to this revolutionary  change Leading UAE business and political and social figures welcomed the launch of the new currency and wished all success to the founders.