Dubai will host the "International Fashion Gala" on June 10, 2022.

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Create Date: 23/05/2022

Al Shumookh Group announced the launch of the "International Fashion Gala" event, which will be hosted by the Emirate of Dubai on June 10, at Le Meridien Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is witnessing the latest looks, the most prominent fashion lines and a group of designers, in the presence of a selection of the best international fashion designers, as well as the best fashion models with illustrious names in the world of fashion in the world, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.


 This came during the press conference held on May 19, 2022. API World Tower, in the presence of designers and various media.


 Ahmed Bahgat, Managing Director of Al Shumoukh Group and Executive Director of the International Fashion Gala, stressed that the organization of the “International Fashion Gala” is a new evidence of Dubai’s excellence and its position in the world of fashion, by highlighting the high-end designs of modern fashion, which appear for the first time during the event and will not be the last.  But the first of a series of consecutive offers.


 Samah Abu Auf, Managing Director of Perfect Land, praised Dubai as the first destination for creatives and designers in the region, for fashion shows that witness world-renowned designs, and we hope that their number will increase after the event ends.  With this new event, we aspire to showcase the diversity of talent and help those interested in fashion shows discover new and eye-catching products.

 She added, "The significance of this event lies not only in celebrating this event, but in offering new ways to experience the best of luxury and modern fashion, through innovative designs for women and exploring their unique personality. With unique fabrics paired with conceptual shades, catering to the needs of discerning gourmets."


 Hanif Sheikh, co-organizer of the event, stated that the upcoming mega event will witness many more activities in October '22

 IFG International Fashion Gala is a high-profile fashion event that is the first of its kind in the Arab region and one of the best in the world.

 This event aims to showcase the top 10 fashion designers in the world.

 Supermodels will compete with each other.

 We will honor the best personalities who have contributed to the fashion industry and icons in various categories.  It concludes with a dinner gala.


 Fashion show - the selection of fashion designers.


 MEA CORP UK - has researched and selected the best world famous fashion designers in the Middle East and nominated them for awards.

  Hani Al-Behairy, Ziad Nakad, Rami Qazi, Amato, Ezra, Ryan (Atelier Al Zahraa), Asif Shah.

  In addition to 3 international brands, As (Brand of the Year)

  Designers will be selected by the IFG panel of the Fashion Factor Designers Competition (feeding Platform).

  More than 25 fashion designers will compete in the fashion factor.

  Super Model -

 The 1st elimination round is completed, from the top 150 models, 5 models were selected.  The 2nd selection and elimination round will take place in May.

 5 finalists for the Super Model

 Elena, Irina, poly, Eva

 30 selected models will compete in the Fashion Factor and 5 models will be selected.  Total 10 Top Models Will Go For Final Show - IFG.

 The fashion show will take place on June 10 at Le Meridien

 Fashion Factor aims to provide a prominent fashion show competition all over the world.  Undertaking and supporting emerging local and international designers by searching for 'quality on the platform'.  The second edition promises to set higher standards in the fashion industry and designers by adding its touches with a choice of non-standard venue.  Designer composition, expansion, plans and unprecedented advertising.  #Feeding platform.

 The International Fashion Gala IGF - will be held on June 10, 2022, at Le Meridien.

  organized by

 Al Shumookh Group - Al Shumookh International Group’s Events Division hosts the “International Fashion Gala” (IFG).  At Le Meridien on June 10, 2022.

FOUNDERS -  Mrs. Fatima Lotfy and Mr. Ahmed Mohamed

Mr. Ahmed Bahgat, Executive Director - IFG


Co - Organized by Mr Hanif Sheikh

 Chairman - Emirates Holding Group -


 managed by: Sheriff Thomas - Marvel's events