HYGEAR introduces range of SMART Fitness devices in UAE

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Create Date: 24/06/2022
Dubai:- HYGEAR, a USA based global leader in the SMART fitness calls Dubai its new home. A strategic move to set up regional headquarters to UAE is driven by the phenomenal growth in SMART fitness sector in UAE and all over GCC. Growing trend among people to adopt SMART Fitness devices is attributed to the enabling environment fostered by the UAE leadership. 

HYGEAR UAE shall serve more than two billion peoples potential markets in GCC, Africa and South Asia including India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. HYGEAR also plans to introduce corporate fitness and academic fitness programs in order to raise more awareness about health and fitness consciousness in the region. HYGEAR seeks revenue partners, franchise partners, distributors and strategic partners to join their journey of success and global expansion. 

Speaking on a Meet the Press evening, Mr. Jack Afik the Chairman of HYGEAR said that “HYGEAR wants to improve the quality of life. Our strategy is different because we plan to reach masses. That’s why our price point is kept low while we offer best in class full scope virtual fitness services”

Mr. Guy Bar, the founder and CEO of HYGEAR expressed his gratitude to the leadership of UAE for personally driving health and fitness consciousness among public. Mr. Guy Bar also announced that HYGEAR plans to acquire one of the leading fitness brands in USA. This strategic acquisition will not only improve our market outreach but will also help HYGEAR’s global expansion strategy. Since HYGEAR plans to go public in next few months, we’re pleased to open our doors to the private investors to join our ongoing pre-IPO round. Mr. Guy Bar thanked Microlink, the HYGEAR strategic partners in UAE including Microlink, Mr. Rashid Al Ameri, Mr. Honey Ali and Mr. Shakeel A. Meer for joining hands with HYGEAR. 

Mr. Guy Bar also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Shahab Al Noori, Media and other dignitaries for attending the press conference tonight. 

Adding to the HYGEAR CEO’s speech, Dr. Usman Zafar highlighted the importance of corporate fitness and academic fitness besides promoting fitness consciousness in the hospitality industry. Dr. Usman Zafar emphasized that everyone should download HYGEAR app. for free and start enjoying SMART fitness.

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